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New Bel Chain & Bead LLC
Pendants are a very popular form of jewelry.  They are convenient and easy to use.  They can be worn on a black leather cord, multi-strand
neck-wire or your own silver or gold chain.  Sometimes a necklace can be fashioned to suspend a special pendant.  Here are some of my
handcrafted pendants.  Pick your favorite and I'll make it special for you!  All are available with a leather cord if desired.
I call this stunning piece
"Autumn Splendor".  Composed
of copper wire, copper beads
and Swarovski crystals this
piece measures approx 2 1/2"
X 3"
This glass pendant is
delicately wrapped with
copper wire.  Chain is not
This is a Para Wire frame
with Swarovski and gold beads
woven around it.  There are
three dangles that adds to
the charm.  The chain is not
This cross pendant
is approx 1" long and
hangs from a 17"
chain made with
vintage bronze
Parawire jump rings
and amber colored
crystals.  Just
stunning!  Sold!