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Chainmail or Chainmaille was the earliest form of metal armour and was probably invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts. The
name mail comes from the French word "maille" which is derived from the Latin "macula" meaning "mesh of a net". The armour itself involved
the linking of iron or steel rings, the ends of which were either pressed together, welded or riveted. Sometimes the rings were stamped out
of a sheet of iron and these were then used in alternate rows with riveted links. The most common form of chainmaille is the "four-in-one"
pattern in which each link has four others linked through it.
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In modern times chainmaille is not for armor any longer although there is are medieval groups that still use it as part of their gear.  There
are many beautiful weaves that make magnificent jewelry.  On this page you'll find my collection.  I take pride in cutting my own jump rings
and then weaving them into a pleasing pattern!  If you live in Florida I can have a private class for you if you're interested in learning any
of these weaves!  Some of the weaves are very old, some are by new designers and some are my designs.  
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Open Round with Crystals
Helm's Weave
European Lace
Double Vision
Full Persian Cross
Japanese 4 in 1
Viper Basket
Japanese 6 in 1
Celtic Roundmaille
DragonScale Pine Cone
Full Persian
Victorian Snowflake
designed by
Casey Harroun
Full Persian Cross
Jens Pind Link
Design by