The earliest bracelets date back to 2500BC!  Sumerian women worn their jewelry as a status symbol.  
The more jewelry worn by a wife the more prosperous her husband appeared to be.  Even then jewelry
was a status symbol!
Today, bracelets are worn by both men and women in a variety of materials and styles. Chainmaille and
beaded bracelets are very popular!   Whatever your tastes and whatever your budget, there is an
enormous choice of bracelets and bangles to suit you.
Here are a few of my selection.  Keep in mind that all my jewelry can be custom made to suit your
tastes and sizes!  Magnetic clasps available on request.
Flat Cellini consists rows of diagonal beads make into a stunning bracelet.  It can be made in
your size and choice of colors and beads.  This particular bracelet is sold so please email me
with your choice of size and color.
This Egyptian Coil is a timeless pattern done in sterling silver wire.  Can be made to
order in your size and choice of sterling or copper wire. For silver Parawire use "buy
now" button.
Fits size 7 - 7 1/2  Silver Parawire
Call  or e-mail to order.
. Price will vary according
to metal preferences and size.
This is Open Roundmaille in copper with blue crystals.  Hand cut copper rings and Austrian or Czech crystals make up this stunning
bracelet.  It can be custom ordered to your size and metal preference.  I can make it in your choice of sterling silver, gold-filled,
bright aluminum, copper or an array of colored wire from  Czech crystal colors available are
Sterling Silver 7 1/2" Full Persian weave.  
It has a sterling silver
magnetic clasp that makes
it so easy to put on.  The bracelet that I'll send
to you will have a guard chain for more security.  
Special Order Only

Call or e-mail to order.
Price will vary according
to metal preferences and size.
The Lace Cuff can be made to order with your favorite colored seed beads and Czech crystals.  This delicate cuff gets it sparkle from its combo of
three different beads.  The clasp can be a choice of button, beaded or metal.  Made to order.
Please use e-mail or phone me to place an order for this very elegant bracelet.
Sweet Heart Bracelet - Perfect as a gift for your Valentine!  Fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver make
this bracelet one that anyone would love to own.  I ship and wrap as a gift. Special Order Only  Fit to size
This bold bracelet is done in the Turkish Round chainmaille weave.  The rings are made from bright aluminum and as large and
bold as it is it is very light in weight!                                                                       
This bracelet can be made in other metals such as gold-filled, sterling silver and copper.  Prices will reflect the change in
metals.  E-mail me for special orders.
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Mobius is a weave that is made of three nesting rings.  This mobius bracelet is made with bright red enameled rings that will
never tarnish.  Great for yourself or as a gift.
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MyDaisy Chain bracelet made from the Victorian Garden pattern.  This is made with glass pearls, glass seed beads and
Czech Fire Polished beads.  This bracelet can be custom made in any combo of crystal and pearls and in any colors desired
by you!                                                         
Open Roundmaille in Silver
Parawire with blue crystals.
Open Roundmaille in
Bronze Parawire with
black crystals
Open Roundmaille in Silver
Parawire with red crystals.
Braided Rainbow Bracelet - This bracelet can be made to order in your favorite
crystal color, metal and size.  The bracelet shown is made with braided silver
Parawire and a rainbow of colored Swarovski crystals.  It is eye-catching and will
enhance whatever you wear!    
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